THE LECO d.o.o.

The Leco is a family firm, which deals with the cultivation, processing and collection of medicinal and aromatic herbs from our environment. On our family farm there is a distillery, as well as the plantation of Smilja. With the production of organic essential oils, hydrates, pressed oils and macerates, we produce natural cosmetics, aromacosmetics and aromatherapeutic preparations.
There are about 3500 species of plants in the area of four Dalmatian counties, which per unit of area ranks this area among the floristic richest regions of Europe. Our Leco distillery is located in Imotski- in central Dalmatia, right on the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 20 minutes drive from the Adriatic coast. In the pristine karst area that surrounds us, where winters are harsh and summers hot and dry, we find a very rich plant variety. This is especially true for medicinal and aromatic plants such as sage, thyme, heather, immortga (Helichrysum italicum), lavender, rosemary, marigold, chamomile, St. John's wort and many others..

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THE LECO d.o.o.